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Who we are

Soland 1 Limited was originally formed by Samuel Okai Laryea in 2004 as a subcontractor for PW Ghana Limited. It was grown in many different areas and aspects under PW Ghana until it went dormant for a number of years. However during its time as a subcontractor to PW Ghana, the company successfully worked on a large number of projects ranging from the construction of the US embassy to working on various mining sites in Ghana and the West African sub-region.

Soland was reformed in late 2014 with the coming together of a professional body of people from the construction industry in Ghana. This wealth of knowledge and skills built up from over 20 years of construction experience working on the high-end civil engineering and large scale private projects has meant that very quickly it has become a functioning and effective company. It is this experience and ability that Soland has to offer. This has translated to Soland efficiently completing works to the expected standards whilst complying with the necessary deadlines set out by contractors.

Soland 1 Limited is a building, civil works, electrical and mechanical, plumbing and road works construction company. Based out of Accra, Soland was recently reformed in 2014 under the 1963 Companies Act. It is wholly Ghanaian owned whilst hitting the expected international standards that are necessary for any modern Ghanaian company.

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What we do

Water and waste water treatment plants construction is an integral part of our business. We are an emerging engineering, procurement and construction company who provide services for local and state agencies to comply with all environmental waste & water treatment projects. Our primary focus is on the water and wastewater construction needs in the municipal and industrial sectors. Our combined experience and relationships with owners, engineers, vendors and subcontractors positions us with the capabilities to aid in the advancement of water treatment to meet the growing demands of clients.

Our capabilities include the design & build of both public and private projects and construction management. We have performs projects ranging from pump stations, lift stations, waste water & water treatment plants, sewage treatment plants and as well, conventional water treatment, reverse osmosis treatment, chemical treatment systems, and other ground water-associated cleanup or disinfection projects. Our team consists of experienced professionals who have worked with private and governmental agencies to comply with all environmental and technical requirements associated with many complex projects. We are dedicated to supplying qualified personnel who provide unparalleled communication in matters of safety and quality before anything else, to ensure timely completion of projects.

At Soland ,we partner with our clients to reduce project costs, optimize schedules and provide the best resources for specific project needs. The Soland Team has a full range of construction services, skills, and capabilities covering all aspects of mechanical, civil, structural, building, plumbing, building, and electrical design and construction. In addition Soland Ltd has significant bonding capacity to recruit additional team members thereby ensuring top quality performance and workmanship on large, complex projects.

We therefore provide a total solution : Value-added engineering and services with a focus on safety, quality, and optimum results.

Soland 1 Limited has grown in leaps and bounds over the past years. It has attracted expert construction professionals with diverse backgrounds and formed teams that would become Ghana’s largest construction company by 2020. As the company expands, so has its reach—projects spread across the regions of Ghana and into the continent. We have grown to specialize in large scale commercial, public and industrial infrastructural projects. Soland has put together the most highly skilled employees from the individual labourer on site to the technical expertise of the highly qualified engineers. With the access to hiring the necessary employees to meet the contractor's needs, Soland’s ability to act as a recruitment agent and integrate itself into a project allows it to supply the necessary support to any contractor. Soland 1 Limited's success over the past years is due to its employees’ dedication to excellent work, customer service that exceeds expectations, and a safety program that has led to thousands of zero-accident hours. Honesty and open communication have empowered Soland 1 Limited's workforce since day one, and it shows in our work.

We provide professional client-focused construction solutions. As an employee-owned company, we go above and beyond on every project and deliver on our promises with integrity within time and budget. That's The Soland Way.